Wonder Soil Expand & Plant Brick Plus, 1.5 lbs

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Brick Plus Coir Brick with Premium Nutrients  

A coir brick that is specially formulated with coco coir, worm castings, kelp, nutrients, water saving polymers, and mycorrhizae. It quickly expands to fill 2 u00bd gallons when hydrated. This blend promotes fast germination and a strong root system. Coir supports better aeration and drainage. Made in India.

Features & Benefits:

Triple washed coco coir guarantees low salts. This premium coir brick is light weight and easy to carry and use. It expands up to 7 times in volume with water to fill up to 2 u00bd gallons. The water saving polymers are a consistent water and food source and help to avoid over and under watering. This mix promotes faster germination with a stronger root system resulting in enhanced plant growth for exceptional gardening success.

  • Faster germination
  • Use for smaller gardening applications
  • Ships dry
  • Bug & pathogen free from the factory to the grower 
  • Includes nutrients, microbes and water saving polymers 
  • Use alone or mix with existing soils
  • Stronger and larger root systems
  • Easy to carry, use and store
  • Longer shelf life than wet bagged soil  
  • Expands to fill a 2-2u00bd gal pot 
  • Reduces watering and leaching of nutrients
  • Optimal air to water ratio  
  • Sterile and safe around children and pets
  • Stronger seedlings with healthier root systems
  • Ideal for all gardening applications indoor and outdoors
  • Maintains its unique open texture unlike other soil mixes
  • Eliminates plant loss due to root and crown rot diseases
  • Patented package


1.5 lbs (600gram) wrapped brick

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