Rock Fusion Grow Base Nutrient, 1 L




Rock Fusion Grow and Rock Fusion Bloom are here to astonish you. This single part nutrient is stronger than most 2 part nutrients and 3 times stronger than any clear single part nutrient on the market today. Other single part nutrients are clear with no fallout but in order for this to happen it has to be made a lot weaker so that the elements don't react, therefore the results aren't as beneficial.

Fusion is suitable for all growing systems and has been made with the highest quality components, we have not compromised at all on this nutrient. It is a high performance plant food with long shelf life elements that won't drop out.

These products are highly concentrated making your dollar go further without compromising the results as less is needed for each cycle. Only 2 - 4mls per litre is needed of working solution compared to 10ml with other nutrients. Always check the EC levels and flush when required.

u2022 Best single part nutrient on the market
u2022 Suitable for all grow systems and media
u2022 No more mixing 2 or 3 nutrients
u2022 Stronger and high quality components
u2022 Long shelf life elements

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