Radix S-Kit Vertical Farm Kit - 2 Layers w/LED Lighting

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Radix S-Vertical Farm Kit

Hydrofarm is pleased to offer the Radixu2122 S-Vertical Farm Kitu2014a scaled down version of SANANBIOu00aeu2019s flagship product for the vertical farming market. Radixu2122 is a modular, hybrid vertical farming system that provides commercial-quality lighting and nutrient delivery for high-density growing in a compact footprint. With two layers or the addition of a third optional layer, the u201cSu201d configuration is ideal for academic institutions, small scale culinary production, or the serious home gardener. 

Since 2015, more than 10,000 Radix modules have been deployed in 10 countries/regions globally, including eight farms in North America, producing thousands of pounds of fresh produce every day. In 2019 Radixu2122 was honored with the prestigious RedDot Award for Product Design.
  • Hybrid NFT and DWC grow system with integrated gravity-driven water circulation
  • Convertible between constant flow and Ebb & Flow
  • Built-in horticulture LED fixtures powered by SANANBIOu00ae
  • Supports all stages and varieties of plant growth
  • Can be assembled in less than 30 minutes

With the use of spacers, the grow beds are stacked to optimize square footage and production. SananBio's VE spectrum LED horticulture lighting fixtures are flush-mounted on the underside of each grow bed, providing excellent light for many types of crops. The LEDu2019s vegetative-centric spectrum has been extensively trialed on over 300 plant varieties, including lettuce, mixed greens, Asian greens, micro greens, and herbs.

Both flexible and versatile, the Radixu2122 S-Vertical Farm Kit features the following:
  • Standard model comes with two grow beds. Optional third layer available.
  • Each grow bed contains two 54-site rafts for crop production.
  • Fitted with heavy-duty casters for easy relocation
  • Pump, reservoir and piping all included
  • Pull-out reservoir for easy nutrient re-fill
  • Fits in an approximate 40u201d x 36u201d footprint. 

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