Phantom 315W CMh Reflector

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Phantom 315Wu00a0-u00a0Ceramic Metal Halideu00a0Reflector

For an intense downward light pattern, the PHR3150u00a0is your best choice for performance and value. Multifaceted 95% European hammertone aluminum for excellent light uniformity and diffusion. Patented double-wall design maintains optimum lamp temperature while keeping the reflector cool. Exceptionally consistent delivery of the CMh lamp's superior color spectrum and PAR output.

u2022 Vertical lamp optimizes downward light delivery
u2022 Multifaceted design provides superior uniformity, maximum output, and top performance
u2022 95% reflective European hammertone aluminum
u2022 Integrated hangers
u2022 Built-in 15' cordset
u2022 Pre-galvanized powder coated body for durability, strength, and longevity
u2022 Patented cool running double wall designu00a0

Optional Cooling Kit - PHR3150CKT

For the ultimate in air-cooling your Phantom CMh reflector, pick up the optional cooling kit which includes two 6" flanges and a sealed lens system with latches and safety catch.


*Important - hot re-strike can take up to 15 minutes. The lamp will take longer to cool down since it has two layers of glass.u00a0Please allow enough time for ignition. Philips recommends that you do not operate the lamp for less than 3 minutesu00a0or this can cause ignition issues.

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