Oasis 102-Cell Tray & Medium, case of 10

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OASISu00ae WEDGEu00ae Growing Medium - 102-Cell Tray & Medium

OASISu00ae WEDGEu00ae growing media tapers in shape from top to bottom. This unique feature aids in directing root growth downward for rapid development, resulting in greater crop turnover and overall productivity for the grower. Each cell is singulated, thus no tangling of the fibrous root systems. Product comes preloaded with media in the tray and is immediately ready to use upon receipt. An improved, star-shaped dibble hole accommodates a variety of stem sizes making WEDGEu00ae ideal for cloning most crops.

u2022 Sterile medium
u2022 Ready-to-use right out of the box
u2022 Singulated cells; pre-assembled media in tray
u2022 Unique star-shaped hole accommodates most stem sizes for cloning
u2022 Patented WEDGEu00ae shape encourages root growth downward

u2022 Reduces disease and insect problems
u2022 Engineered for optimal cell-to-cell performance assuring proper drainage and water holding
u2022 Singulated cells prevent root tangling, eliminating plant shock at transplant
u2022 Low cation exchange capacity for rapid nutrient availability

One case includes 10 pre-filled trays

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