Neutralizer Odor Compact Kit

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The Neutralizer Compact Kit is a highly elaborate and secret formula of essential oils. Thanks to its patented system of heat transmission, The EME achieves and maintains the exact temperature required in order to evaporate The Neutralizer at a constant rate and in a controlled manner. It therefore manages to transform our secret blend of essential oils into volatile particles which are capable of neutralizing a myriad of foul odors.

This system is characterized for its:

u2022 Innovation
u2022 Efficiency
u2022 Cleanliness
u2022 No absorption into the surrounding environment
u2022 Enduranceu2014up to 6 week life with constant 24 hour use
u2022 Great coverage up to 13,200 cubic feet
u2022 Hypo-allergenic
u2022 Compact plug-in sizeu2014low energy consumption
u2022 Neutralizes within an hour of activation
u2022 Easy installation
u2022 Replaceable cartridges available

The Neutralizer Compact kit contains:
u2022 The Neutralizer Essential Oil cartridge (x1)
u2022 Electronic Molecule Evaporator EME220 (x1)
u2022 Wick (x1)
u2022 Cable Tie (x1)

Important Technical & Safety Information for the EME (Electronic Molecule Evaporator)
1. Technical information of the EME
u2022 Product: EME 220
u2022 Material: PP Plastic
u2022 Voltage: 24, 110-125
u2022 Frequency: 50/60 Hz- 50 Hz
u2022 Consumption: 1.2W-1.2W
u2022 Connection: With line cord
u2022 Weight without cartridge: 0.17 lbu00a0
u2022 Range: 525-700 cubic feet

2. Safety
u2022 Insulation: Class II
u2022 Standard: EN 60335-1

Important Safety Information for The Neutralizer Essential Oil cartridge:
Do not ingest. Keep out of the reach of children. Wear suitable gloves. Essential oils are harmful to sea life and may cause long term adverse effects to the aquatic environment. If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and refer your doctor to the contents of this product. In the event of any accident consult the Medical Toxicology Information Services in Spain who have a record on the contents of this product. Telephone number:u00a0+34 91 562 04 20

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