Milwaukee Instruments EC40 Waterproof PRO EC/TDS Nutrient Meter

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Milwaukee EC40 PRO EC/TDS Nutrient Meter 

The Milwaukee EC PRO EC/TDS Nutrient Meter is an extremely tough, reliable, IP67 Waterproof Nutrient Meter designed to meet your Hydroponic, horticulture and agricultural needs!  This meter arrives factory calibrated and does NOT require user calibration EVER!  Twenty (20) blue LEDS makes it easy-to-read in daylight or darkness. There are no user worries about getting the readings incorrect.  For plants or vegetables this Nutrient Stick will help promote healthy growth with zero product waste. Powered by 3 AA batteries with EC/TDS and CF scales and an operating environment of 32 to 122u00b0F and up to 95% RH, this unit is perfect for the growers needs.

u2022 Measures conductivity (EC); total dissolved solids (TDS) and (CF).
u2022 Units directly in mS/cm/CF/PPM. 
u2022 Automatic Temperature Compensation.
u2022 Factory Calibrated.
u2022 Auto on/off.
u2022 20 Blue LED Display Readouts.
u2022 Battery level indicators.
u2022 Battery life up to 3 years approx. 10 measurements per day.
u2022 3 X 1.5V AA (batteries included).
u2022 2-year Warranty

u2022 Range:  0.2 to 4 mS/cm; 2 to 40 CF; 140 to 2800 ppm 0.7 scale; 100 to 2000 ppm 0.5 scale.
u2022 Resolution:  0.1 mS/cm; 1 CF; 70 ppm (factor: 700 ppm = 1 mS/cm); 50 ppm (factor: 500 ppm = 1 mS/cm).
u2022 Accuracy: u00b14% of reading, u00b1 1 resolution point.
u2022 Calibration:  Factory calibrated (no additional calibration required).
u2022 Temperature Compensation:  Automatic from 5 to 50u00b0C (41 to 122u00b0F).
u2022 Probe:  Graphite electrode in ABC + PC Body.
u2022 Battery Type/Life:  3 X 1.5 AA (included) / Approx. 3 years @ 10 tests per day.
u2022 Measurement Display:  20 blue LEDs bar.
u2022 Environment:  0 to  50u00b0C / 32 to  122u00b0F; max RH 95%
u2022 Dimensions / Weight:  17u201d inches length (420 mm), 1.2u201d diameter (30mm) / 9 ounces (255 g).
u2022 Casing Protection:  IP67, floating. 

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