Lighthouse 2.0 - Controlled Environment Tent, 3' x 3' x 6.5'

HydrofarmSKU: HYLHT33



The Lighthouse Controlled Environment is designed to help you grow your favorite plants indoors. These grow tents offer waterproof liners, ease of assembly, and multiple size options. Our lightweight fabric is sealed and lined with premium reflective material with, and the zippers are just as strong as ever.

Includes 6.5u201d adjustable ports for vent fans/ducting, screened vent panels (with cover), and adjustable power cord port.

Available Sizes:
LHT33 - 3u2019xu20193u2019x6.5u2019
LHT525 - 2.5u2019xu20195u2019x6.5u2019
LHT44 - 4u2019xu20194u2019x6.5u2019
LHT55 - 5u2019xu20195u2019x6.5u2019
LHT48 - 4u2019xu20198u2019x6.5u2019

NOTE: Tent sizes given are outside dimensions, so recommended flood tray sizes are 2u2032 x 2u2032 trays for the 3u2032 x 3u2032 tent, 3u2032 x 3u2032 trays for the 4u2032 x 4u2032 tent, 4u2032 x 4u2032 trays for the 5u2032 x 5u2032 tent, 2u2032 x 4u2032 trays for the 5u2032 x 2.5u2032 tent, and 3u2032 x 6u2032 trays for the 4u2032 x 8u2032 tent.

Maximum hanging weight for overhead crossbars is 62 lbs for this tent

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