Ionic PK Boost, 5 gal




Ionicu00ae PK Boost is a plant nutrient supplement specifically formulated to be applied during the final few
weeks before harvest of most fruiting and/or flowering crops. Ionicu00ae PK Boost allows the grower easy control of the extra phosphorus and potassium that can lead to bumper yields. Ionicu00ae PK Boost is designed to work with Ionicu00ae Bloom and Ionicu00aeBloom Hardwater, but is also compatible with almost all liquid nutrients of the bloom variety. Ionicu00ae PK Boost delivers the key mineral elements phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) in a pure form that is instantly accessible to the plant. These crucial ingredients are used in abundance by plants in their fruiting or flowering cycle and the extra levels provided by Ionicu00ae PK Boost can lead to larger flowers and greatly increased fruit and vegetable yields. Ionicu00ae PK Boost is also designed to replenish the mineral levels that are usually in short supply in hydroponic reservoirs. Ionicu00ae PK Boost restores the missing elements that plants use during the fruiting and flowering cycle and restores an ideal balance in the reservoir for optimum plant performance.

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