Humboldt Nutrients Oneness 1-Part Box Starter Kit

HydrofarmSKU: HYHNBK0100



Humboldt Nutrients Oneness Basic Starter Kit contains the primary nutrient solution as well as the three primary additives a gardener will need in order to have a good foundation for growing: Ginormous, their powerful bloom booster; SeaCal, a calcium additive; and White Widow, their premium mycorrhizal inoculant.

This kit provides a good start for new or experienced gardeners that can be expanded with the addition of other great Humboldt Nutrients products.

Kit Contains the Following:
u2022 Oneness, 16 oz
u2022 Ginormous, 16 oz
u2022 Sea Cal, 16 oz
u2022 White Widow, 1 oz


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