HM Digital HydroMaster Portable/Wall Mount/Bench Continuous pH/EC/TDS/Temp

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HydroMaster Digital testers make monitoring water easier than ever by reading the levels that matter most and providing accurate readings that you can depend on. Continuous pH/EC/TDS/Temp monitor with rechargeable battery. Portable, wall mount, or benchtop use.

HydroMaster HM-500 pH/EC/TDS/u00b0F Tester (113831)
u2022 Tests pH at a range of 0 pH-14 pH, temperatures from 30u00b0F-176u00b0F, TDS from 0-9999 ppm and EC from 0-9999 u03bcS
u2022 Stores up to 20 measurement readings, so you can monitor changes over time
u2022 LCD touch-type screen with auto backlighting
u2022 Powered by a rechargeable lithium ion battery
u2022 Features an adjustable alarm that has a high and low set point
u2022 Automatically turns off after 5 minutes
u2022 Comes with wall mountable bracket, USB cable, 2 flotation disks, 1 EC/TDS conductivity sensor, 1 pH sensor, 1 packet each pH 4, pH 7, storage solution, and 1000 ppm calibration solution
u2022 110V-220V

Three year warranty (6 month warranty on the pH probe)


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