HLC Advanced HID Lighting Controller




Advanced HID Lamp Control | High temperature shutdown with selectable delay

Combines all of the HLC1, HLC2, and HLC3 functions into one unit.u00a0Selectable switch lets you choose whether to run the controller for temperature shutdown, on-delay, or both.u00a0The Temp setting shuts off the outlet when chosen temperature is reached (and back on when it comes down 5 degrees). Perfect for protecting the crop in the event of overheating. Delay provides a 15 minute delay between power up and the HLC outlet on the controller being energized. Eliminates "hot starts" after power interruptions to avoid damaging equipment.u00a0Both does both functionsu2014on delay and overtemperature protection.u00a0The updated controller features increased processor speed, better temperature sensors, higher quality circuit board components, and more robust engineering.u00a0Rated for 15 amps maximum.

  • Now backed by Hydrofarm
  • Remote sensor probe for high temp shutdown
  • Upgraded circuit boards
  • Improved performance
  • More precise operation
  • u00a0

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