Growth Science Organics Root Magic, 1 gal




Growth Science Organics Root Magic

There is a direct correlation between root vitality, your plantu2019s growth, and your final yield. A larger, more robust root system also means that every time you apply a nutrient you are getting more effective uptake and better use of your nutrient dollars. Growth Science Organics created Root Magicu00ae by blending extracts from some of natureu2019s most successful performers. This blend of natural extracts gives Root Magicu00ae its ability to encourage root development, giving plants a solid foundation for vigorous growth.

u2022 Ascophyllum nodosum is a species of kelp that deals with stresses for a majority of its life. This means that this plant has evolved ways to deal with stress. When you apply Kelp to your plantu2019s roots, it not only increases your plants ability to deal with stress but also stimulates and encourages root growth.
u2022 Aloe Vera and Yucca act as a source of saponins and other unique compounds to help displace water more evenly into your soil.
u2022 Fulvic acid chelates and feeds soil biology, along with molasses

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