Growth Science Organics Abundant-Sea, 1 gal





Macrocystis integrifolia, commonly known as Giant Pacific Kelp, is one of the fastest growing organisms on earth. Itu2019s also one of the many secrets behind Abundant-Seau00ae. The more successful the vegetative stage, the more fruits and flowers your plant will be able to produce. Abundant-Seau00ae has been specifically designed to encourage this rapid growth during a plantu2019s vegetative stage with an impressive array of natural ingredients. Itu2019s this extensive nutrient mix within Abundant-Seau00ae that helps plants to reach their full vegetative growth capacity.

u2022 Kelp products have been used in organic agriculture for generations. They offer a number of benefits to the soil and the plants. Kelp contain over 50 different minerals and in addition are full of different phytocompounds that benefit plant growth.
u2022 When used as foliar, absorption into plant tissue is greatly increased and results can be noticed the next day or sooner!
u2022 Free of PGRu2019s

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