Grotek Root Force, 1 L

HydrofarmSKU: HYGT0006533



Accelerating root development is key to crop success. Root Forceu2122 drives key secondary root structures. These can improve nutrient uptake, boost connections with mycorrhizae, and help build stronger plants. This formula can also provide a buffer against environmental pressures such as drought and underwatering. This gives plants a chance to bounce back more quickly from stressful conditions.

Root Forceu2122 is designed to stimulate biology, especially bacteria. Even for fungi itu2019s a friend, because it enhances roots without added phosphorusu2014an element that can inhibit the development of mycorrhizae.

  • Builds root without hormones or phosphorous
  • Accelerates secondary root structure
  • Enhances biology like mycorrhizae
  • N-P-K: 1-0-0

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