Flying Skull Nuke Em, 1 gal

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Nuke Emu00ae:
  • Listed Organic by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute) 
  • Kills Spider mites, Leaf Aphids, Whitefly and more
  • Kills eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects
  • Reduces Powdery Mildew 
  • Is concentrated and economical
  • Is approved for use on the day of harvest
  • Is safe around people and pets when used as directed
  • Doesnu2019t alter the taste or smell of growing crops or finished produce
  • Doesnu2019t lower the value of produce
  • Doesnu2019t slow photosynthesis by reducing light to photon cells on leaves as oil pesticides can
  • Doesnu2019t slow photosynthesis from residue clogging the leaf stomata as oil pesticides can
  • Doesnu2019t contain high concentrations of oils
  • Doesnu2019t contain chemical surfactants
  • Doesnu2019t contain petroleum or Pyrethrinu2019s
  • Doesnu2019t smell bad
  • Doesnu2019t make leaves, stems, and flowers sticky like oil pesticides can

The Organic pesticide Nuke Emu00ae has been introduced to the indoor/outdoor gardening community by Flying Skull Plant Products. This multi-purpose Organic insecticide & fungicide is listed for Organic use by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute). It kills the eggs, larvae, juvenile and adult insects. Nuke Em targets all species of Mites, Leaf Aphids, Whitefly and other plant leaf and soil insect parasites. Its unique formula also allows for outstanding control of the vast varieties of powdery mildew and mold found in the garden. Nuke Em is different than oil-based pesticides (oil-based pesticides have oil as their active ingredient). Nuke Em will not slow the plant's growth like oil-based pesticides can. Also, Nuke Em will not significantly lower the light coming into leaf cells and it will not significantly obstruct air from going into and out of the leafu2019s stomata as oil-based pesticides can. Nuke Em has killing power while allowing the plant to thrive while going through treatment. Nuke Em is the correct choice. 

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