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G-Rexu2014custom blended in Northern California, never dried or dehydrated!

G-Rex is formulated to be used throughout the entire growth cycle. It will continue to work from the rooted cutting stage all the way until harvest. When making cuttings, add G-Rex as soon as a callous forms at the base of the cutting. For example, when you set up a tray of rockwool or oasis cubes water with Hum-tea, wait seven days and then water in G-Rex. After transplant continue to use G-Rex in your system at the recommended rate through harvest.

G-Rex is compatible with any fertilizer product; however, G-Rex is developed for use with Cutting Edge Solutions Fertilizers.

G-Rex Application and Usage

u2022u00a0Recirculating hydroponic systems:u00a0Mix 3-5 ml per gallon of water
u2022u00a0Drain to waste hydroponic systems:u00a0Mix 5-8 ml per gallon water
u2022u00a0Organic soil systems:u00a0Mix 5-8 ml per gallon water
u2022u00a0Clone Machines:u00a0Mix 2 ml per gallon water
u2022u00a0Hand watering mother plants:u00a0Mix 5-15 ml per gallon water
u2022u00a0Soak for rockwool and oasis cubes:u00a0Mix 10 ml per gallon water
u2022u00a0Foliar spray:u00a0Mix 5 ml per gallon

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