BioSafe SaniDate 5.0, 2.5 gal

HydrofarmSKU: HYBSSD2.5G



SaniDateu00ae 5.0 Sanitizer / Disinfectant

Effective hard surface and equipment sanitizer and disinfectant for use in greenhouses including those growing edibles. Effective against plant and human health pathogens and provides immediate pathogen control on food-contact hard surfaces, equipment and processing water. This alternative to chlorine is not pH dependent and leaves no residue on produce that will affect taste or quality. Can also be used in the treatment of irrigation water, and Evaporative coolers.

u2022 REI: 4 Hrs
u2022 Active Ingredient: Hydrogen Peroxide and Peroxyacetic Acid
u2022 Rate: Varies according to application method. See label

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