BioSafe OxiPhos, 2.5 gal




OxiPhosu00ae Fungicide / Bactericide

OxiPhosu00ae is a systemic bactericide/fungicide for use on greenhouse and nursery crops, turf, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. OxiPhos targets Pythium, phytophthora, bacterial blights, downy mildew, and more. Use OxiPhos throughout the growing season to both prevent and control plant pathogens. OxiPhos has a dual mode of action (systemic and contact) and can be applied as a foliar spray, root drench or tank mixed with ZeroTolu00ae 2.0 and AzaGuardu00ae.

u2022 REI: 4 Hrs
u2022 Active Ingredient: Phosphorus acid and Hydrogen Peroxide
u2022 Rate: 42oz per 100gal
u2022 Controls: Pythium, Phytophthora and Downy Mildew

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