Aptus PCS P50 Accessory Kit (Base, Ring, Lock, Grid, Liner)

HydrofarmSKU: HYAP60052



Used to completely refurbish & renew your PCS P50 planter.

Contains all necessary accessory parts to the PCS_P50_pot packaged in one box
  • Liner u2013 Consumable fabric planter liner for use in the PCS P50 system
  • Grid u2013 Creates the patented air void at the bottom of the PCS P50 system
  • Lock u2013 Locks the base to the PCS P50 system
  • Ring - The ultrasonically welded PCS spray ring for the PCS P50 system
  • Base u2013 Elevates the PCS_P50_pot from the ground and allows use of both drain lines and top feed irrigation

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