American Hydroponics Epic Boost, 1 gal

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Epic Boost 1-4-6

The use of Epic Boost is ideal during bud formation and size set. This is during the fiu001enal stages before harvest, when u001dflowers are at their largest. The design of Epic Boost contains a unique formula that will help your u001dflowers during the fiu001enal stages of production.

Use sparingly, this stuffu001f is highly concentrated! For hydroponics, use 2 to 5 mls of Epic Boost per gallon of water in the nutrient reservoir. For soil, use 4 mls of Epic Boost per gallon of water.

EPIC BOOST is designed to be used in combination with the other products in American Hydroponic's EPIC line. For best results, always maintain proper conductivity (CF) and pH levels for your crop.

For use with hydroponics and soil!

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