Active Aqua Flood Table for Tents, White, 22" x 45"

HydrofarmSKU: HYAAWT2245T



This Active Aqua Flood Table is sized for use in small tents, where space is tight. Its length (45") is sized to be compatible with tents having a 4' dimension.

Like other Active Aqua white tables, these are noted for theiru00a0strength and performance and are thick, rigid, durable and easy to clean.u00a0

u2022 Made in North America
u2022 100% BPA free virgin ABS plastic cap over recycled ABS plastic core; these trays are recyclable
u2022 Water level fill height indicators
u2022 Recessed drain position
u2022 Easy to clean

Inside Dimensions: 19" x 42" x 6"

Outside Dimensions: 22" x 45" x 7"

Volume: 18 gal

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