CVault X-Small Humidity Curing Storage Container, 3.25" x 1"

HydrofarmSKU: HYCV00010



Holding Capacity of 4 to 8 grams

This personal X-Smallu00a0CVault is constructed of 18/10 food grade stainless steel; withu00a0an airtight container that is impenetrable by light. This personal storage is lightweight and durable; this is nowu00a0the ultimate storage solution container for your personal curing needs.

NEW!! Lid Design:

  • Our newly designed lid works with three dimples that allows you to snap on the lid versus our traditional system.
  • u00bc inch wide silicone seal to ensure an airtight seal.
  • Top of lid can be written on with a NON-PERMANENT marker and relabeled as vault contents change.
  • Pak holder specifically designed to hold your Bovedau00ae.


Industrial Latch Design:u00a0Engineered to provide an airtight seal; locking in product freshness.

Stackable: u00a0Buy multiples for different varieties; containers are stackable and save space.

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