farmhand Build 5% Silica, 32 oz

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farmhandu00ae Build 5% Silica

farmhandu00ae Build is a highly concentrated silica dispersion that is designed to improve resistance to abiotic stress by creating stronger cell walls in plants, thereby promoting stem strength.

General Use Guide
Add 0.4mL of build per gallon of water to nutrient reservoir. Use throughout the entire vegetative and reproductive phases. Use a separate stock tank for build; never combine them in concentrate.

Product Specifications
u25cf Contents: 32oz/.946 L
u25cf Net Weight: 2.7oz/1.22kg
u25cf Weight/Gal at 68oF: 10.8lbs/4.9kg
u25cf Contains non-plant food ingredient
u25cf Soil Amending Ingredient:
u25cb 5% Total Active Ingredient
u25cb 5%....................................Soluble Silicon (Si) (Derived from Colloidal Silica)
u25cb 95% Total Inert Ingredients

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