PRESS RELEASE: Revolutionary Cannabis Competition Reveals True Experts

Finding Worthwhile Growing Consultants in an Industry Rife with Corruption

Denver, CO. - Tuesday September 3rd, 2019 - The Grow-off was founded in 2016 by two partners with a novela idea. Jake Brown and Sam Taylor decided it was time to turn the cannabis world on its head by using science and a level playing field to test and award flowering plant-growing skill.

For decades, competition results had become polluted by hype, subjective enthusiasm and corporate sponsorship that judged what a grower could produce rather than how they could produce it. These competitions raked in millions while only celebrating big-name buzzword growers through “mystery scores” awarded by anonymous judges.

Brown and Taylor decided to confront this lack of transparency by designing a competition wherein all contestants start with the same genetics -- a “mystery strain” that must be cultivated by the growing team from phase one and ultimately judged via third party lab-tested results. Winning growers are those who can produce plants with the highest levels of terpenes and cannabinoids -- not contestants who can pay outrageous booth rental fees, arrange payoffs or manipulate algorithms.

The nature of this competition appeals to the impassioned mindset of truly talented growers by encouraging experimentation, strategy building and innovation. Winners are recognized for their skills in every phase and facet of plant cultivation. In 2019, The Grow-off became open to microgrows -- allowing anyone over 21 without a growing license to participate.

Enter Tim Flanagan -- a veteran of the marijuana industry with years of large-scale growing under his belt. Once the post-legalization boom plateaued, he shifted his focus from cultivating product to outfitting other growers via his company X Hydro Supply. Yet, as a skilled grower with a passion for marijuana plants, he continued to explore the latest cultivation techniques in a quest to render the strongest yields possible.

Flanagan saw the Grow-off as the perfect opportunity to see if his skills could still stand up even after moving to the 

equipment supply end of the cultivation business. And alas, he is now the 2019 third place winner for terpenes in the Microgrows category. He reveals that among his many secrets, plant nutrition is a key piece of the puzzle and on this particular grow he experimented with something new. 

To gain an edge, Flanagan reached out to longtime associate and trailblazer of the marijuana world Alec Anderson. Anderson recently developed a hybrid fertilizer -- the only one of its kind -- comprised partially of mineral salts and partially of organics. This secret ingredient, coupled with Tim’s extensive knowledge of soil, lighting, temperature and hydration created the perfect growing conditions that led to his success.

The transparent, scientifically quantifiable Grow-off results gave Flanagan an idea. Since his methods had been proven through third party laboratory results, he could be deemed an as axpert in the field, qualified to render world-class consultation to anyone looking to launch a growing operation at any scale.

So far, Flanagan has provided expert guidance for several new growers looking to shorten their learning curve (and their losses) by working with someone who knows the trade. Mr. Flanagan is available for customized marijuana growing consultation regardless of location, working space or environment.


Tim Flanagan



By Luke Schmaltz

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