How a Hydroponic System Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint


How a Hydroponic System Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Regardless of subjective beliefs, modern scientific study provides overwhelming evidence that carbon emissions are causing untimely erosion of the natural world. This dilemma has compelled many people to contribute to new solutions rather than blindly participate in ongoing problems. If you are among the concerned, consider the fact that hydroponics can help you live in a more eco-friendly way while saving you money and enhancing the nutritional value of your food.

A home grow system is a simplified, efficient and enjoyable approach to agriculture on a personal level. Growing your own food can empower you participate in a global movement while living economically and improving your health.

Go Independent

X Hydro Supply is the premier destination for every phase and technical aspect of hydroponic systems from personal gardens to large-scale indoor farms. A comprehensive array of equipment, resources and solutions can allow you to build a hydroponic system that reduces water usage and eliminates toxic fertilizers from food while expending less carbon energy.

Turn Off the Valve

It’s a fact that you can begin a home grow system using as little as 20 percent of the water needed for a traditional soil garden. The exponential conservation becomes apparent once you realize that this same water can be recirculated again and again. Provided that your take measures to avoid evaporation, this can dramatically diminish water usage (and thus, your bill) as well as the carbon energy needed to treat and deliver your water.

Skip the Poisons

In addition to water, plants need nutrients in order to grow. For time immemorial, soil has served as the medium for delivering nitrogen, potassium, phosphorous and other essentials to plants. After the onset of agriculture, it was discovered that higher yields could be obtained by mixing fertilizer into the farmland. Since then, additives of increasing efficacy have been discovered, yet not all are beneficial. Many fertilizers and pesticides are dangerous and can be poisonous to humans. Growing your own produce via hydroponic system allows you to be 100% in control of the process, so you can be assured that no harmful additives are hidden in your food. Also, using high-nutrient, organic fertilizers can produce food with the same qualities.

Stay Off the Road

The planting, maintaining, harvesting and delivery of crops requires carbon energy to power the engines used in nearly every step of the process. Finally, you must drive to the store to purchase what you plan to eat. By growing your own produce, you can save money not only on gasoline but the amount of energy expended to produce each unit of food. After assembling your hydroponic system and buying seeds, your only continuing expenses are the time it takes to maintain your operation and harvest the yields. Rather than getting stuck in traffic more than necessary and navigating the grocery store crowds, you can spend the time tending to an indoor growing operation of your own creation.

X Hydro Supply is an independent solution for all hydroponic pursuits and indoor farming configurations. Take a look at our massive selection of products for every phase of your home growing system.


By Luke Schmaltz



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